How to manage the pre-exam stress

Feeling stressful before the exam is pretty normal, this is something you will hear from professionals like Emin Tolukan. “I’ve been through over 200 serious exams in my life, starting from SAT’s and ending with midterms and finals in my university. I went through some hardcore mathematics exams and I know that uncomfortable feeling before the tests… ” says Emin Tolukan.

He shared his best tips with us to help students reduce anxiety before and during the exams:

1) My number one tip would be to be prepared! You cannot fail an exam that you are ready for, this is just not possible. Feeling ready reduces stress and helps you feel confident. Study, study, and study…

2) What about if you are ready but still feel like you will mess everything up? Here good friends or your favorite music comes into play! Call your friends and have a good chat – they will make you feel happy and more comfortable. Good friends know how to support each other! And when it comes to music, well, you know… One’s favorite music may help him/her reduce stress immensely, don’t listen to sad songs though, this may cause you to feel more upset or anxious. What I like to do is, I like listening to some motivational music before my exams, or something that makes me feel powerful and confident. This helps me gain confidence and energy so once the exam paper is in my hands – I’m ready to write everything I know and use my full potential.

3) The day before the exam get a good night sleep! Seriously, stop draining your energy! Sleep is essential. Having not slept you will feel more worried about the fact that you are tired or what not. Sleep is also important for your brain to get a good rest and gain energy before the exam!

4) Treat yourself! It does not matter if it is a walk in your favorite park or a hot bath. The point of treating yourself is reducing the pre-exam anxiety. After having a good time, you will feel more confident about the exam and yourself!

5) During the exam, you must be focused. Loosing your focus leads to stress and stress leads to failure. Here are some tips for you to stay focused on the exams:

-Think of exams as competitions, you are competing, and you must be concentrated!

-Do not look at anyone else, you are by yourself! Do not let any noise distract you – be one with your brain, pencil, and the paper

-Don’t check the time! This may sound bizarre but checking time every single minute will only distract you and make you feel under pressure!

We hope that these tips will help you reduce stress and we wish you the best of luck in your exams! You got it!!!

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