Benefits of Coffee for students

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Here we will discuss some amazing benefits of coffee for students!

Now coffee has many different types, there is dissolvable coffee, filter coffee etc. But today we will focus primarily on filter coffee that you can prepare with a French-press, v60 or in a coffee machine. Aside from the amazing taste, coffee has some serious benefits for those who study like me. I have been drinking coffee for over 5 years now and this is the type of coffee you get from coffee shops in bags and prepare at home by yourself and let me tell you; drinking coffee has really improved my overall study performance. So here are some scientifically proven benefits of coffee:

-Caffeine – a natural stimulant that is found in coffee is absorbed by the blood and sent to the brain where it affects your neurons in an amazing way; it makes your brain more active! I’ve personally experienced hundreds of occasions where after drinking coffee I found my brain more energetic, and my thinking ability improved. coffee helps me absorb information faster and in contrary to many people’s belief – it helps me focus!

-Coffee helps to burn fat immensely! Although I sit and study all day 6 days a week – I am reasonably fit and in fact I do not gain extra weight. Drinking coffee has helped me with my body weight problem that I had in the past and it is definitely a better solution for those who want to lose fat and are suggested to cut off food or what not. Be careful though! I never drink more than two cups of coffee a day, in fact; one cup is more than enough.

-Helps to fight depression and scientifically proven to make people happier! I wont lie to you but seriously coffee does make me happier and more confident. When I’m depressed I drink a cup of coffee and eat chocolate and this helps me elevate my mood!

-Coffee DOES NOT cause heart problems, in fact it may even prevent stroke! There are studies that have been done to prove this and they have shown that up to three to four cups a day, coffee wont harm your heart!

With all of this being said, if you ever feel demotivated to study or for some reason feel tired despite the fact that you slept through the day – have a cup of coffee, some chocolate and you will gain your energy back!

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