Package 4.

SAT math online course:

-Group course (three students)
-21 hours of classes
-18 hours of topic coverage
-2 hours of practice test solving and tactics
-1 hour of important tactics and advice

-price: $15/hour per student

-7 hours a week: students may choose:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Payments are made online through Card transfer or PayPall
Classes are performed through "ZOOM"

-NOTE: in order for this class to start we need to find or match other students that want to study in a group

Topics to be covered:

1)    Linear equations and their graphs + systems of linear equations + word problems from linear equations 

2)    Linear inequalities and their graphs + systems of linear inequalities + word problems from linear inequalities  

3)    Line of best fit, mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation 

4)    Parabolas & quadratic equations and their word problems and applications  

5)    Geometry: Angles, volumes, triangles and circles with circle equation, Trigonometry: basic trigonometry 

6)    Imaginary number, Probabilities & percentages exponents

7)    General graphs + interpreting graphs & polynomials & polynomial division

8)    Word problems and schematics of word problems

9)    Solving all types of equations