Emin Tolukan's course: 

SAT math content 

SAT math is pretty simple, it does not contain extremely hard topics and with Emin Tolukan, topics are easy to understand.

  1. Linear equations and their graphs + systems of linear equations + word problems from linear equations     


2. Linear inequalities and their graphs + systems of linear inequalities + word problems from linear inequalities       


3. Line of best fit, mean, median, mode, range and standard deviation

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4. Parabolas & quadratic equations and their word problems and applications

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5. Geometry: Angles, volumes, triangles and circles with circle equation, Trigonometry: basic trigonometry


6. Imaginary number, Probabilities & percentages exponents

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7. General graphs + interpreting graphs & polynomials & polynomial division

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8. Word problems and schematics of word problems

9. Solving all types of equations


All of these topics will be covered in Emin Tolukan’s online SAT math course. Individual and Group classes are available. In order to learn more about the price, timing and seat availability of the course click