Student agreements, rules and conventions

Online classes:

Online classes are performed using the “zoom” platform.

-The students are not required to turn on their cameras, but their microphone should always be on to answer questions and communicate more comfortably.

-Each class must start at the predetermined time, if the students is late the instructor has a right to either postpone the class or to compensate if he/she has free time.

-If the instructor does not have free time and the students was late – the class will end at the planned time. If the student cannot join a class, he/she must inform the instructor one day beforehand.

-Students can record online classes but cannot under any circumstances share the recordings with friends or upload to the internet. In case of such a violation – further classes will be dismissed.

-Some classes may take longer than one hour and some classes may finish early, therefore students should adjust their time accordingly.

-During the classes two 2-minute brakes will be given for the students to rest their eyes and use the bathroom if necessary.


-Payment for the first class is performed after the lecture, payments for the remaining classes must be performed before joining the lecture.

-Students are responsible from paying on time.

-Prices of each course package can be found

-No refunds will be provided and all classes including the first one must be paid for.


-All students must pay equal fees, no discounts are made to avoid discrimination.

-Payments are performed through money transactions in app.

-Payments are not full-course payments, students will pay hourly, that is if the course costs 60 000tg and includes 12 hours of classes - students will pay 5 000tg after each class.

During the class:

-Students may ask any questions related to the content of the course, and the instructor will explain the topic until the students understands everything fully.


-Students may and should take notes to review the material later when they need to.


-The instructor will follow the course program that will be sent to the student before the classes begin.