Everyone struggles

with SAT math

in the beginning


This is because they don't

teach SAT math at school

the way it should be thaught


We have a solution! 

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After our SAT math course you will:

-Be familiar with 18 SAT math topics

-Be able to think independently

-Be able to solve SAT math questions fast (using our shortcuts)

-Be very good at algebra and geometry

-Improve your mathematics understanding ability

-Be able to solve hard equations

-Learn over 30 necessary formulas for the SAT math

-Be able to score at least 650 after first 3 practice tests

-Be able to score above 750 after solving all practice problems and watching all videos

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This is the best SAT

math video course

you can find online!

  • Best SAT math course online

    SAT full math course

    This course contains 10 SAT math classes
    Valid for 2 years
    • -18 SAT math topic videos from Emin Tolukan
    • -Over 120 examples and solutions
    • -Essential strategies and tips
    • -Important advice for the exam day from an expert
    • -Overwiev of the SAT exam
    • -Over 120 topic-oriented practice problems
    • -Tips on time management

Included topics:

This course includes:

-18 SAT math topic videos with explanations – theory + practice

-Time management strategies in videos

-Exam day essential tips video (1 video that includes amazing advice and essential strategies)

-More than 5 example problems for each topic

-Over 120 example solutions from Emin Tolukan

-Over 120 topic oriented practice questions



The plan (course that you are buying) is a lifetime course. You will have the access to the website’s page that includes all course material like videos and questions once you purchase (pay for this) course.



You are not allowed to share the videos or your login information with anyone! If we determine cheating or recording of the videos type of activity on this website – your plan will be immediately cancelled, and legal charges will be pressed against you. All rights to the material and content of the website belong to Emin Tolukan.



No refunds will be provided once you purchase this course since it contains video materials. It is your responsibility to decide on the purchase but Emin Tolukan guarantees success on he SAT exam and quality explanations to those who buy this online course, study the videos and solve the example problems.


Cancellation of the plan:

Just like refunds, cancellation of the plan is not possible. Once you get access to the exclusive content (SAT math course), you will not be able to cancel your purchase. So please think twice :)



     All videos in this course are professionally recorded and edited. Each video (class) includes more than 10 examples to help students understand the topics better and provide a good practice.

    All the topics covered in this course will come out on the SAT, therefore this course will be extremely helpful to those who wish to achieve scores above 750 in the SAT’s mathematics section. All the information and details you need to know about the test are provided in this course. Essential strategies and tips as well as shortcuts are also provided for each question type and for each mathematics topic.

This purchase will change your life and help you achieve an amazing score on the SAT! Aside from SAT exam, this course will introduce you to real life math usage and it will change the way you see math forever!


Math may be hard, but with Emin Tolukan and his amazing explanations and examples math is easier than ever before!